How Scio helps you move faster


Search that actually works

Scio helps you find any piece of data in any tool at your company. Our visibility across tools means you'll get better search with Scio than any native product.


Secure and private

Scio is SOC 2 Type 2 certified. We'll only show you the information you already have access to. Your data is safe and protected.


Unlock tribal knowledge in your team

Extract info siloed in your teammates' heads into user created search results.


Stay afloat with people in your company

Scio’s 360 degree view of people helps answer what folks are working on or who to help unblock you.


Know when things are up to date

Scio’s verified badges indicate a document is relevant and up-to-date, confirmed by a teammate.

Use cases

See how Scio is helping teams find their work more efficiently.

Get the search engine for work

The one place to search every tool in your company.