Scio for Sales

Prep for customer meetings, find past deals, and keep a pulse on your accounts.

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Get the answers you need

Find relevant context on a feature to prepare for customer meetings or answer questions.

Be prepared for your next meeting in a snap

Easily pull up the right deck, white paper, or other enablement material.

Learn and win as a team

Get insight in Scio on where your team won and lost in similar past deals.

Keep a pulse on your accounts

Get a 360° view on issues, opportunities, and more for each customer.

Track customer feature requests

Get the latest context on how your R&D teammates are considering customer feature requests.

Troubleshoot customer problems

Search for issues in Scio to see if others have resolved similar problems before.

Bonus: Avoid filing duplicate Jira issues! Search in Scio first to see if one exists.

Learn about your teammates

Working with someone new? Refresh yourself on who someone is and what they work on.

Find what you need, fast.

Know exactly what you're looking for? Scio is a faster way to navigate to your workplace documents.

More ways to use Scio

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The one place to search every tool in your company.